High School

We participate in OSAA sanctioned activities. Life Christian High School has a no-cut policy in athletics meaning all students can participate on an athletic team. Playing time and participation on the varsity teams is at the head coach’s discretion.

Varsity Basketball 2019 - 2020

Varsity Soccer 2019 - 2020

Varsity Soccer

Our co-ed team is currently a part of OSAA special district 1.

Soccer Season: August – November

Varsity Volleyball

Our women’s volleyball team is currently part of OSAA Valley 10.

Volleyball Season: August – November

Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball

Our women’s and men’s basketball teams are currently part of OSAA Valley 10.

Basketball Season: November – March

MS/HS Track & Field

Our Women’s and Men’s track and field teams are currently part of OSAA.

Track & Field Season: March – June

Varsity Cross Country

Our women’s and men’s Cross Country teams have independent schedules where we are able to choose where we compete.