High School

We participate in OSAA sanctioned activities. Life Christian High School has a no-cut policy in athletics meaning all students can participate on an athletic team. Playing time and participation on the varsity teams is at the head coach’s discretion.

Varsity Soccer

Our co-ed team is currently a part of OSAA special district 1.

Soccer Season: August – November

Varsity Volleyball

Our women’s volleyball team is currently part of OSAA Valley 10.

Volleyball Season: August – November

Junior Varsity and Varsity Basketball

Our women’s and men’s basketball teams are currently part of OSAA Valley 10.

Basketball Season: November – March

MS/HS Track & Field

Our Women’s and Men’s track and field teams are currently part of OSAA.

Track & Field Season: March – June

Varsity Cross Country

Our women’s and men’s Cross Country teams have independent schedules where we are able to choose where we compete.