Music & Art


Students in grades K-5th are provided opportunities weekly to enjoy activities including music, instruments, drama, and speech. The main purpose of these opportunities is to exercise the mind, body, and soul in the act of praising our Heavenly Father. Twice a year, our K-5th students come together to perform a fine arts event. Through developing a love for the Lord and a love for fine arts, our elementary program is used as a springboard to prepare students for continued development in the secondary grades.



Life Christian School is proud to offer art classes that will develop students in their creative gifting and enhance the way that they communicate it to the world.

Worship Band

Worship Band is an interactive music elective that develops middle school and high school students (both individually and collectively) in the area of musicality, spiritual depth, and worship leadership. The LCS Worship Band leads worship at weekly chapel services and special worship events both inside and outside of the school throughout the course of the school year.